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Serving Southern California since 1982, Stoddard’s takes great pride in our team of talented touch-up artisans and our long standing reputation as the leading commercial wood and laminate restoration provider in Southern California. Named as a key vendor by multiple TOBY award winning properties several years running, it is always our goal to make you look good. Allow us to share with you how we can restore the beauty to your interior architectural wood and furniture at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

TOUCH-UP: With state of the art technology our skilled craftsman can camouflage damage sustained to most wood and laminate surfaces. Through custom color matching and meticulous re-graining, veneer chips, scratches, gouges and missing color are quickly remedied. 99% of all touch-up is done after hours, on-site and is very cost effective; about 1/5 the cost of refinishing and approximately 1/15 the cost of replacement.

OILING: With proper technique and products we can also condition wood surfaces and help you avoid over oiling, which, could lead to unwanted build-up.

POLISHING: Polishing can often time remove minor scratches and bring up the sheen on worn surfaces.

REFINISHING: When more cost effective measures are not an option we can also provide complete refinishing, off and on-site, depending on the job.

We also offer recurring maintenance services. Through one of our three programs (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly) we are able to maintain the areas most in need all year round at a lower overall cost. Benefits include:
• Extended life of your architectural wood.
• Keeping high traffic and common areas looking their best.
• Trouble-free service, we manage all aspects of this service from site walks to scheduling.
• Equalize your budget with annual program costs.
• Priority scheduling over all one time services.

Application of these services are applied, but not limited to, doors, elevator cab, wall panels, baseboards, furniture and millwork.

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