AppFolio provides web-based property management software that allows residential property managers to more effectively market, manage and grow their business. AppFolio's customers love how easy it is to use and the outstanding service and training that are included with the simple monthly fees. AppFolio includes complete accounting and property management functionality and property managers can post vacancy ads to Craigslist, their website and the Internet. AppFolio also includes the ability to accept online rent payments, applications, guest cards and resident screening, built-in to the software.Features:You can save time and paper by emailing work orders directly to vendors from AppFolio. Using paperless work orders to communicate with vendors allows you to respond to and solve property maintenance issues much faster. Your residents appreciate how quickly you address and fix property issues and you can keep owners aware of your progress with email updates and copies of work orders.Your team has an organized view of all in-progress and past work orders, so it is much easier to manage property maintenance tasks. You can also configure standard, recurring work orders for typical move-in / move-out tasks as well as standard monthly or annual maintenance tasks.Manage Resident Move-Ins and Move-Outs with Ease A quicker move-out process means your property is ready for your next renter much faster. For example, during the move-out process you are prompted to create a disposition letter with all of the final charges. The move-out process is also integrated with recurring work orders, so once the move-out process is initiated you can be confident that all of the scheduled tasks will take place.Create Customized Letters for Owners and ResidentsWith just a few clicks you can customize and send many different types of communications. For residents, you can send personalized 3-Day notices or other types of communication like a regular marketing newsletter or note about an upcoming renewal. For owners, you can send announcements, newsletters or updates about your company.It is easy to communicate more often with your customers, and build and strengthen relationships over time. AppFolio also stores the complete history of all emails sent so you have access to past communications sent to both owners and residents.Attract More ApplicantsIt is so quick and easy for the prospective renter to find the vacancy ad and fill out the applicatio No more faxing. No more double-entry from one system to another. AppFolio clients can centralize another task right in AppFolio saving even more time and attracting the best residents, even faster.Screening is Built-In to AppFolioInstead of working in multiple systems, AppFolio clients just press the ?Screen Now? button right in AppFolio.Clients can choose from two screening packages, Credit & Eviction or Credit, Eviction & Criminal both include an easy to read summary and FICO credit score.Fast and Easy Results Are Displayed Right In AppFolioScreening results are displayed instantly, in an easy-to-read report (you will actually enjoy looking at it!). If it makes sense, offer your prospect the house or apartment right there on the spot AppFolio Property Manager is based on a complete and solid accounting system that was built for property managers.The General ledger, income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements are geared for property management accounting. The truth is that you can have all the features in the world and they wouldn't matter if your accounting doesn't function properly this is the heart of your companySelect from a variety of professional and modern website designs.Your website uses your domain ( so you continue to reinforce your brand. The website designs are built with lots of thought about the best practices for property managers. For example, there are specific sections for owners and residents.Visit our website today:


We transitioned from Yardi to AppFolio last year. The best thing we ever did. Phenomenal marketing, electronic leasing and applications, great communications, and all for MUCH less than Yardi. We are so happy, and not looking back . . .


We absolutely enjoy using this software onsite. I am able to pull customized reports for almost anything. It has made managing a property so much easier. They truly care about their clients and make improvements based on our suggestions. We hardly ever have any issues with the software program and if we do encounter a problem,customer service responds right away. Property Manager M3 Multifamily