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Circumspex addresses property managers need for a comprehensive business continuity/disaster planning tool that is easy to access and intuitive in operation. It meets their demands for a sophisticated product geared to small and mid sized companies who need the depth of features without a cumbersome price point. It maximizes critical group thinking to yield effective plans without being an onerous process for managers who are always under performance pressures.Web based Circumspex is fully accessible 24/7. Build it in your timeframe. Update it anytime and instantly send noted changes to other staff members or public safety officials. Participate in seminars to expand your knowledge base. You can engage other Circumspex members in online user groups to share innovations and experiences. Lastly assure your plans successful implementation by using Circumspex tabletop exercises to train your staff and improve disaster awareness.Our talented staff shares a wealth of insight and experiences related to risk management, planning and recovery. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in losses by providing hands on, real life solutions to natural, man-made and technological disasters.Individually, we have received national awards and recognition for our career achievements across a variety of disciplines, and are routinely invited to share our experiences and expertise through various speaking, teaching and writing engagements.